My back pain I gave in I’m going to see back doctor


HELLO everyone! I know it’s been while since I posted new blog and I have lot to say to. Well as most of you know I have been having issues with my back, hip that goes right down to my knee and I was going to PT for this well sadly they didn’t help it at all I figured I could just live with it and deal well all of sudden the pain went away!!!!! I was so happy I started working out on my Wii fit again well guess what the pain came back and worse well it got worse after I painted my bed room in two days time!!!! So Nana told me I should call back doctor to crack my back into place or something, I was like okay whatever I will. Well I can’t take the pain I can’t workout and I can’t stand the pain no more it’s getting worse I’m now getting pinching pain from my back down my knee and I also get it on my left side as well. So I called the back doctor as Nana puts it’s I go see him tomorrow I hope that I get some kind of help here!!!! I mean I miss walking and working out I WANT TO lose my weight I don’t want to gain!!! I will keep everyone updated as to what is going on! That is another reason why I have not been blogging because when I get home I get online check my email and then go to bed to lay down because my back hurts. I will keep everyone posted as to what is going on and how I’m doing.


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