Learning how to knit hookers!

Knitting Needle Collectionnitting Needle Collection
Originally uploaded by Plastic Girl

Many people do this everyday no matter where they are at, to some of us it’s foreign scary, interesting, looks fun. Some people many turn there nosies up at this as well never to give this though or wonder how could you? For us C hookers[ not the hooker you think of] that is crochet hookers we might turn our nose up at this because it takes two needles to us I’ sure you are wondering what I’m talking about! I’m talking about well I’m talking about knitting. I’m crocheter by heart I love doing it, but I have thought of knitting for years esp because I have knitting needles that were my grandmothers she use to knit so I figured why not learn something new see how I like it maybe I can make some cool interesting things. But the confusing parts for me are starting the cast on and the whole putting the yarn over the other needle and through it plus I have two sticks to deal with, along with this while knit stitch and purl stick can get confusing at times for most of us that crochet! None the less I’m still going to learn how to knit I’m sure once I get use to using two needles and learning how to cast off when I’m doing with project will get easier for me as I go on. I know some of my follower hookers are like how could you want to go over to that side as well? My answer to them is why not we have lots in common with one another why not give this try see where I get plus I’m one for not giving up at something that I try! I will keep everyone posted on how things are going.


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