LapBand and how it helped me out of depression

Lap Band and how it helped me out of depression


Lap Band Drawing
Originally uploaded by mypinktoes

When most people find out that I had the Lap- Band done I sometimes get comments like ” Why did you go do that?” ” You took the easy way out!” ” Well it looks like it not working” and I love this comment “Ewww your turned yourself into freak you were not meant to get that put on you you were made to be heavy” Well I used to let these comments get me down for the longest but then I realized I DON’T HAVE TO COMMENT BACK TO THEM OR GIVE CRAP WHAT THEY ARE SAYING TO ME BECAUSE THEY ARE EITHER JEALOUS KNOW THEY DON’T HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO GO THOUGHT WITH IT OR THEY ARE SCARED OR IT’S JUST EASIER TO MAKE COMMENTS THEN TRY! I have been dealing with depression for while now I was see psy doc and on lexpro but when I was out of work for while with my knee which turned out to be my hip and knee I got behing on bills and could not afford to get my Lexprop fill and could not go to the gym because of the pain! Oh and the meds they placed me to help with the swelling and what not put weight on me along with not Begin able to workout did as well so I got into rut for few month hating myself figuring out how I’m going to get out of this! Then something inside me woke up and was like HEY YOU YEAH YOU, YOU HAVE THIS BAND ON YOU ARE GOING TO PT AND ARE STARTING TO FEEL BETTER SO WHAT THAT YOU HAVE HAD SET BACKS ALL THIS YEAR SINCE HAVING ME PLACED ON YOU BUT YOU KNOW WHAT YOU CAN BECOME LOSE AND AND MEAN A LOSE IN GREAT WAY ON THE WINNING SIDE! I’m sure you are wondering what this crazy me is talking about well, I started walking before work if it’s not took hot I’m working on my crocheting, garding, watching and also these sites along with obesity have snapped me out of this funk that I was in plus knowing that I’m not alone is helping me because my family and family friends sure I not helping I have to be strong! Today I did something I have not done in 91 days and that was workout on my Wii Fit Plus I was only able to do this for 15 minutes because I had to get showered for work and it was starting to bother me little in my right hip but still 15 minutes is not bad for getting back into the swing of things I plan to workout some more when I get home form work tonight as well! I also lost 4lbs since last week so I’m so happy about that I most normal people are like 4 lbs is nothing at all when for WLS freaks like me it’s great step in the right direction!!!! I still have 123lbs to lose yet and my 1 yrs bandanversery is coming up and I was hoping to be at my goal weight but you know what you can’t rush great things! I must say that my Band along with finding hobbies like garding crocheting and learning nail art has helped me snap out of depression My band had helped me the most because it made me realized I’m not the same person that I once was I’m better more fun living life the fullest person now and I’m not going to let anything stop me and I will control what and how much I eat! I learned it’s great to have left overs!


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