How about cup of heavenly chai in the afternoon?


One thing that I love about Indians is along with the rest of the eastern and European world is that they take time out to enjoy the day relax if you want to call it! I’m learn from them I’m learn to take my time not to be in rush because we only get to live this life once before we move onto the next one. So why not enjoy it! I found this photo on and I thought it fit perfect go get cup of Chi Tea and enjoy time even for half hour or more! Weather you sit on your porch or patio or you are out with friends or cafe time time relax maybe talk to some people you don’t know be friendly it goes along way! Enjoy the time we have here life changes in heart beat!!!! I’m learning to relax even if I sit in quite room alone with nothing going ie phones ipod tv etc just sitting there collecting my thought, or I do yoga sometime to relax me, even nice evening walk nothing fast just nice walk along or with someone. Even if you are out shopping slow down enjoy it take in where you are at! SO come share cup of chi and chat with me sometime.


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