Euronext hair extions product review

Euronext hair extions


Euronext hair extions
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My very first product review is Euronext clip in hair ext ions I got these puppies at Sally’s Beauty Supply store, they cost me $80.00 they are real human hair. Here is the discretion of them right from the site: •Created to blend with any one’s hair color
•100% Premium Remy Human Hair

Euronext Remy Clip-in Human Hair Extensions are made of Premium Remy Hair that is of the highest grade human hair extensions available. Extra attention and care is exercised during the entire manufacturing process. This attention during manufacturing promotes alignment of the hair cuticles, which greatly reduces tangles and mimics natural hair flow. Premium Remy Hair ensures a better human hair extension experience.

The Euronext Remy Clip-in 14-Inch Human Hair Extensions Package contents include: one 8″ wide weft, one 7″ wide weft, one 6″ wide weft, one 5-3/4″ wide weft, four 1-1/2″ wide weft, two 1″ wide wefts with no snap clips attached (for color testing). they also include two extra clips and hair for test IE hair coloring or whatever you needed it for.

These are the ones that I’m using the 14inch ones. I must say that they are soft right out of the box clip are easy to open no problems with that they went in great! The only few things is that they are straight as board when you get them out of the box no body to them there is not even that much hair on one weft either and for what you pay for them one would think that they would be. The other thing that I didn’t like is the sales people in the store told me that you get alot of hair in one pack that is all that I would need, well you know what I have thick hair and as you can see from the photo I need another pack to get it to blend right! I will include more photo to this as well. I was kind of let down with the product in way esp for what it cost I would have thought you would have gotten lots of hair and ticker wefts as that.

I will be going to buy another pack of these to see if that dose the trick which I think that it will once I do that I WILL do another review on the product.

My rating for this is 6 out 10 ******’s This product will be getting another review once I get another pack yes some products will get more the one try with me these are links to more photos of my hiar


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