Atlantic City beach


Atlantic City Beach
Originally uploaded by alex_e14

When you think if Atlantic City you tend to think of gambling winning lost of money or you might even think of the mob. Well for me and few other people when we think of Atlantic City we tend to think of the ocean, beach, Steel Pier, the smell of salt water, maybe even salt water taffy oh and even the board walk gambling comes last to my mind. Don’t get me wrong I do try my hand at lady luck for few minutes then it’s outside I go! I love to walk the board walk because you never know who you are going to meet, what you might see or even find. I do walking the beach something about the beach and ocean is so peaceful to me I don’t know why. I try to go to Atlantic city twice year or more. I tell everyone who has not been there to go it’s more then just gambling it’s fun for everyone. The city is well known as resort town located in South Jersey it’s quite nice town to travel to even take holiday for few days or even weekend. I tend to find the shops along the board walk interesting fun I love to go into all of them to see what I might find in there because you never know. The beach is peaceful yet fun all at the same time,


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