This is the site where I’m learning Hindi


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I actually found this site thought another site I found the link for this site on it was in the comment section that Gorigirl wrote about where you can learn all different languages. Since I have been wanting to learn Hindi and I don’t want to spent the 500.00 Rosetta stones want plus I can’t afford it either! Once I read about this site I went right over to it read about singed up on the site and started to learn Hindi that night. It is kind of easy to learn on this site you even get help form other people on this site, along with exercises that you can work on as well, even one where you can record yourself on it and summit to the site and someone on the site that is native at that language will tell you how well you did or what you need to work on. How ever I find one bad things with this site as I’m learning Hindi I wish they had something in there to teach you to read it as well not just speak it. That is the only thing I’m finding wrong with the site however I’m sure there is someone that can help me with this, I’m going to keep at it. I will post blogs as much as I can about it.

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