Questions I get asked about WLS & my life


Most people think that obese people are happy and all we want to do is eat. Well I have news for people we are not a

lways happy in fact I was not happy all the time in fact I was unhappy even had pain. This photo to the left is me the weekend before my operation I was on liquid and this photo I was actually happy because I was like two days away from something that is going to help me change my life, also because my best friend was up visiting me. You might ask why am I blogging about this well for many reasons I just want to share and I get tired of some of the questions like can I see how bad your scars? Are you losing your hair? Are you sick all of the time? Is it really helping you?

Well I’m going to answer some of your question and show you some photos don’t get me wrong I’m not mad with all the question I’m happy to answer them it dose not bother me one bit I just hope that I’m able to help someone out their or something so here goes.

How bad are your Scare?
Well here is the photo to how bad they are this is few weeks post opt. No I’m not ashamed to show them off in fact I’m happy to share with people I’m not at all embarrassed nor upset by them I’m proud of them they are apart of who I am now.
How many do you have? I have 5 of them the one you can’t see if at the belly button.
These are my scars

Am I losing my hair?
Yes I have noticed that I’m starting to lose my hair I’m now 4 months post opt and this is happening I just ask my surgeon why I will have answer to this this week. I have read on other forums that this is because of the major shock that our bodies have went through and will stop and the hair will grow back.
Are you sick all the time?
No I’m not sick all the time in fact no at all unless I eat something that dose not agree with me then I feel sick sometimes I feel like I have weight in my stomach till it’s done processing.

Are you sorry that you got WLS DONE?
What dose this photo tell you? No I’m not sorry at all the I chose to have WLS DONE!!! I’m glad that I made the right choice for me I’m feeling better I’m down since I started with Dr.Sawyn 43 LBS but I lost weight before I started with him so my total before Dr.S and now is 50 LBS I’m quite happy with everything it’s not easy I do have my days just like anyone else who had this operation but then you snap out of it and realize you added years to your life!
4 Months post opt


3 months post opt

3 months post opt
I think that these after photos speak for themselves I know that I’m not at my goal weight but here is what I look like so far only 4 months post opt I think that things are coming along quite well.




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