Lauren’s hope medical ID bracelets

Most people are lucky they will never have to wear medical ID bracelet, in there life. Then their are those of us that have to, I know what some of you are thinking even though you have medical problem you don’t have to wear it you chose to. Well they are kind of right we don’t have to wear bracelet, necklace,or ankle bracelet saying that we have medical problem or some kind of condition. We wear them to help save our lives in case their comes times that we can’t speak that some has to help us they can see the ID tag read it and know what condition we have. I bought one of these bracelets last night from Lauren’s website not because I have medical problem but because I had bariatric surgery I had, I read on the forums that I got do that you should get medical ID bracelet in case something happens and I need medical attention and can’t speak or something medical personal can see well rather notice I have it on read it and know that I had the Lap-Band done who my surgeon is in case they need to place call to my doctor. I never though twice about getting one till I had my WSL, now I see why it’s important to get one. Think these are great idea even for people with allergies or other medical problem is issues. I love the styles this site has to offer they have something for every person every occasion as well they even have them for your pets! Yes you heard me right your pets. Children will even like the fun styles they have and will not have to worry about getting teased because they have to wear medical ID tag. Men they did not leave you out as well I encourage you to check out the site it’s it’s really great site. I know what some of you are thinking how costly or how pricey is the site. Well it’s not super cheap some of the bracelets are pricey some are what I think to be rather reasonable in price you just have to shop around on her site till you find something your like or can afford I will tell you that you can change the bracelets around! What I mean by this is that once you buy one bracelet you are not stuck with that one for the rest of your life if you are sick of the one that you have just go to her site and order up another one yes your read right they are interchangeable bracelets each time you want new bracelet or someone wants to buy you one all you have to do is go to the site and just order the bracelet, necklace or whatever it is you have and buy it. You can even order just tags from the site as well. She even offer gift cards as well if you are not sure what to buy someone. Shipping you can chose from options as well it’s sent viva FedEx I will be posting another blog when I get my bracelet in the mail and show everyone how nice it is. I Redmond this site to everyone their is nothing to be ashamed about needing one of these. Also you can order charms for you bracelets as well the cost for them is 10.00 I do hope that this is helpful to someone out their.


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