Scared about the holidays coming up

Happy Thanksgiving
Originally uploaded by Charlie is here

The holidays are almost upon us and to kick them off is Thanksgiving!! This year I’m little scared about it becaus I’m only 4 months post-opt, I know that I need to follow the rules of the band and all will be find. I know that I can’t over do it I know what I can and can’t eat I know that not matter how much my Nana loves me she is not always looking out for what’s best for me in the long run. Family members don’t have your best interest in their favor in fact they want you to fail! Yes that is right you read right stop and think about it you know what I’m saying is the truth and nothing but on that topic!!!!!!! I know that I should not have left over because that is not good either. I know this year the holidays are going be to challange becasue I’m not the same person that I was last year this time which I’m glad for! I know that I can get over this fear and come out strong I’m also happy that this is my first holiday banded as well! I will keep everyone posted on how things are going. I also had to share this photo that I came arcoss too I thought it was cute! Remember the only person that has your best interest in mind is you and the people that support you everybody else want to see us fail for some strange reasons so lets show them that we are stronger then ever.



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