Under Watch


Under Watch
Originally uploaded by Snaps.

Well this photo says thousand and one word about my next door neighbours this fits them to tee!!!! My next door neighbours can tell what is going on in the neighbourhood who went where who did what so on and so fourth,they call me Nana up and give her the daily report or she calls them looking for info more like gossip! To me I don’t care what my neighbours do it’s their business,I don’t need reports on anything or anyone it’s just not my thing, but for resasons I will never understand my neightbours call out house to talk to my Nana to give her reports on the U-HAUL truck that was sitting outside in front of one of our nrighbours house, well this calling her to give her info/gossip on it get my Nana to start bitching and nagging when she gets off the phone for about the next two hours she will not shut up she says this neighbourhood is not what it use to be that these people just need to move so on and so fourth. Well of couse the neighbourhood is not what it use to be people have passed on or moved one and new people have moved in some of them good some bad some drug dealers but this is how todays neighbourhoods are now. I keep telling my Nana you would be supprised to know what goes on in some peoples homes. None the less I can’t stand people who have to be all up in other peoples business or the comings and goings of the neighbourhood what someone dose is their home is their business unless someone is beging harmed then that is different. Other then that who cares! People should worry more about what is going on in their own lives, but I guess when you are in your 80’s you have nothing else to do, I have an idea take up new hobbie!!!!!!! Don’t get me wrong I’m friendly persons I say hello to my neighbours that is as far as it goes I could not tell you what the inside of their homes look like or nothing like that. This sings fits my neighbours to tee!


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