I want to learn Hinduism

I know that this might sound little nuts coming from me but I have been thinking of looking into Hinduism it has always interested me for as long as I can remember. I know for many of you that know that I’m Catholic you are thinking she nuts for leaving her religion well I’m not I believe in GOD I’m very spiritual person, so I kind of use different things from different religions the funny thing is that I have been thinking that I need to make changes in my life that I need to fully be happy don’t get me wrong it’s not that I’m unhappy it’s just that I need to make some changes in my life per say. This is one of them to learn something new you could say to understand something! No I’m not depress or nothing like that I have been happier since I have had my WLS done then I have been in long time but since having my operation I have been making changes in my life to make sure that I’m happier healthier person, this is just one of the many changes in my life, in fact some one’s blog that I read even snapped me out of this upset state that I have been in all week and made me realizes things. I have this in common with her Here is what she said in her blog “It’s a commonly accepted belief that you should pray to God or the universe for what you want. However, I’m not someone who often outright asks for things in my prayers. The problem is that I never know what to ask for, and my mind loves to throw forth limiting beliefs about what could be possible.” By Diary of White Indian Housewife Sharell Their have been times in my life where it seems that the universe have done things or whatever you or however you want to say for me like watch over me when I got in car accident, made sure I got a job when I got out of school, Let see recently made sure I meet some really interesting people that I have things in coming with. Now I have to do something for myself this time I to understand life better.


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