How the universe seems to work at times

It’s strange how the universe works at times, like right now it seems to be pushing towards understanding Hinduism, along with finding new hobbies. I was one who was never into decoration or anything like that now that the holidays are coming up it seems that is all I want to do for some reason, also since I have had WLS done I have noticed that I’m into all kinds of things that I was never into before like hiking, picture taking, etc. I’m loving the new changes plus I think the universe has something to do with it as well. Things happen for reason. For expale my mom tough me how to crochet when I was like 8 I think I never took to it I think mostly because I was left handed and she was right handed so it was harder for me to understand so I just never bothered to keep up with it when I was kid, then I broke my arm well part of the therapy they did with me in Physical therapy was they used crochet I took little more interest then as teenage, but them lost it soon after. It was not till after one of my BFF came back into my life with his daughter that I wanted to pick up crocheting again,but another turn of even brought me back up to PA which got me more into this hobby! I saw granny squares I wanted to learn how to makes these my mom tried to show me but since was right hand ed and I was left we could not figure out how to do this, so she sent me up to the neighbor who is right handed she tyred but it was not working, so one day while I was sitting up with her trying again for like the 2oth time to get the square down that I realized if I flipped the image around in my head that I understood it, so I told her to hand on I took it up to the mirror looked at it start to crochet it, at first I was told it was not right so I told the neighbor to flip my square around to look at it on the wrong side which would make it right handed for her then she saw I had it right. I was so happy, how ever I did stop for while after my mom passed away then few months after she passed I picked up again now I can’t stop I love it I’m learn new ideas etc. what also funny is since my WLS I just want to take photos now I want to go places and take pictures how strange is this, plus I have also go into bloggin as well how great is all of this. It’s as if the univerise seems to know when things need to change or how you karma is at the present time or soemthing that it work in strange was.


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