People in glass houses should not throw stones


People who live in glass house should not throw stones!! Lately I have been getting tired of people talking about what is going on with neighbors or other people, or making comments like I wonder what their house looks like or I wonder how they live I would not want to be like them. It has has gotten to the point where I’m openly tell people hello we all have no room to comment on other people’s lives!!! Look at our own!!! Recently one of neighbors her grand son took drug over dose he’s currently in the hospital still with medical problems from this, people have been making comments about this, I could not long take hearing people make comments about every body’s else lives so I had to open up! It was not just about this one person other people as well. I opened up and said this” Yes we know that house is drug house but the police will not do nothing about for whatever reason yes that kid over dose again but none of us have not room to talk about someone else lives we need to step back and look at our own lives, non of us are perfect we all have problems or issues we don’t live like one another some of us keep our homes messy some keep them neat we all live different” I just got people looking at me after I made this comment some even looked at me like damn you, you just hit the nail on the head! My whole feeling is if we don’t know person who are we to comment on their life or how they might live, if someone tries to kill themselves that dose not affect me I don’t know they person or if they have mental illness that might have cause that it’s not for me to comment on. Even at work people talk about other people and how they might life I tell them how to do you know they live you see them there sloppy but at home the might be neat freak or something. Me I don’t comment on how other people are because you never know what it’s like in their home and they don’t know what it’s like in my home so thus I think we all live in glass House and none of should throw stones because in the end if we do we might end up breaking our own home. None of us are perfect!



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