Our sprin like weather in November

The weather here in PA has been strangely warm for this time of the year, considering that we are in November now. This photo shows three strawberries that I picked from my garden I was so surprised when I saw them growing and I picked them. Normally I would not even get strawberries this time of the year in fact the plant normally is dead till spring. In fact normally this time of the year the ground starts to freeze and we start to get snow or snow flurries here. I have not even got to wear my new winter jacked that I bought this past Friday. I’m not complain about that I don’t care for cold or freezing weather I don’t even like snow. I do hope that it stays this way all year long. Here in this photo you can see that my strawberry plants are alive and growing yet if you are not sure which on they are they are the green leaf things on the ground. My Nana’s mums are still alive and gr owning too they as well would have died off all ready, so would the grass in fact for this time of the year we don’t normally have green grass either but hey I will take all this nice weather while it lasts!! As you can see things are still alive and blooming yet here. I’m glad that we still have this kind of warm weather going for us right now this mean hopefully tomorrow I WILL be able to take that hike that I have been planning all fall! I have not been able to go on it because every time that I do it starts to rain on me. I just had to share this with everyone

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