Hello world!

Where did the month of October go? This month just seem to fly by wow it will soon be time to start Christmas shopping which I have not thought of yet! As I sit here typing this I’m starting with cough not fun and runny nose little bit I do hate the change in season it causes people to get sick and share their germs with the rest of us. Yesterday was trickier or treat night in both Jim Thorpe and Leighton, the nursing home that I work had had sing placed on the door that due the spread of H1N1 that we are not going to be letting trickier or treaters into the nursing home this year, so some people did not read the sing on the door and got pissed when we told them we are not giving candy out this year. I don’t fully remember how the sing read but it’s to protect the children and our residents along with us staff. I hope that the sing is still up when I got into work tonight because I will take photo and show you what I’m talking about. I felt bad for the residents beacuse some of them look foward to seeing the kids come in dressed up so what we did was for the ones that wanted to see them we took them to and sat the in front of the windows so that they could see them.


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